About the Book


American churches have implemented the best business practices possible in order to reach and retain members. And they have more money and political clout than ever in history. So why doesn’t the world find the Church pertinent? Author Ron Bryce joins this relevant conversation by examining the Church as the body of Christ through the lens of a medical doctor.

Fingerprint of God: The Church as a Living Body “will confirm your worst fears about the sad state of the institutional church today, but far more importantly, it will give you a Biblical vision for what is possible when God’s redeemed people function as the living body He intends them to be.” (Stan Key)

Using his 30+ years of experience as an ER doctor, Bryce examines the biblical idea of the body of Christ. “At first, it may seem odd to compare the human body to an unseen entity, but the Bible calls God’s children a body,” says Bryce. By exploring the processes within the human body and comparing them to those within the Church, Bryce gives new insight into cures for Church dysfunctions in our post-modern culture.

Instead of using the ways of the world to win the world, Bryce envisions the Church made alive again – not just on an individual level, but as the full body of Christ.

“When it comes to increasing the impact of the twenty-first century Church, our strength does not spring from our numbers or from our individual abilities, but from our interactions with one another and with the head of our body, Jesus Christ. We are members of one body. This demands leaving behind the idea that Christianity is a ‘Jesus and me’ relationship.”

“I hope this book helps with one thing – revival. When we have revival we become ‘alive again’. And not just alive again as individuals, but as the body of Christ. It is my hope that the body of Christ will become healthy and effective in carrying out Christ’s ministry in the world.”